Shots from the Day – New Guy with a Camera

Although I in no way claim to have a clue what I am going with photography, I was happy with the following shots from today’s very short outing with the new camera. I might go back out to a particular spot at sunset, today. Please note that no editing has been done to the photos aside from cropping them together in a single image.




First Day tackling the new Camera

Now, obviously I am just now getting into this camera… and I haven’t figured out the settings and focus yet, but I will. Today was my first day actually taking it out and goofing off with it. These two photos (although not great), are me just playing with the zoom on my back porch. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty ridiculous. I think I am going to have fun trying to capture wildlife with this thing. I have a few locations already picked out to visit with this sweet, sweet camera.

My hope for today was to get the chance to do some night sky observations, but it is relatively overcast right now. Oh well…


the 2018 Austin Kite festival recap


Well, this year was the second year that we have attended the annual kite festival in Austin, Texas. It is the largest of its kind in the nation. This would have been our third time to attend, but last year rained out and in turn got canceled. Although it did sprinkle on and off at today’s event, it didn’t keep people from sticking it out and having a good time.


The lady friend even managed to snag a trophy for second place in the “most unusual kite” competition. In my personal, all be it biased opinion, the one that came in first place was cool, but not really all that “unusual“. Regardless, we had a lot of fun and the lady friend came away with second place in her home made custom kite competition.

Not bad for a first time competer if you ask me.


We are already looking forward to next year. I’m sure her kite making skills will only get all the more “unusual“.


Make a kite from scratch they said…


Now, obviously these photos are not at all doing it justice… but, the lady friend started making a kite from scratch the other day. And well, it got off the ground. It’s of a guy with a frowny face that has a rainbow over his head. Hopefully I will post some better photos of it in action at the Austin Kite Festival This next weekend!


Store Update in the mix

iss_fullxfull.15012351_k96u42w8Well, today the etsy store hit 4,000 sales. That’s pretty good if you ask me… considering the fact that I am just doing it as a hobby. Every time the store hits a big event number like that, these promo images get posted to those people that have chosen to follow the store. With this milestone in mind, I am also only one review away from reaching 900 reviews. For that one, I am going to be posting one in celebration of the “900 reviews mark” of Jesus causing a ruckus.

I looks like so…


The next major milestone that still might take a little bit of time would be reaching a total of 2,000 store followers. These followers are the people that think the store is worth receiving updates about. So, when the store adds new items or posts an update like the above milestones, they will get notifications. I am only about 20 followers away from reaching that next goal. It might take a little while though, because that is a slow moving number compared to the other two.

Regardless, the store is thriving even though it is just a casual hobby.

The next major update is going to be updating the listings with new and improved photos. See the following post I did last week for a sneak peek at what these new photos are going to look like. They are much cooler and cleaner looking than what I currently have posted on the store.


Got a new pin pack in stock on the store


Just added a new 5 pack of pins to the Etsy Store. Be sure to check them out when you have a chance.


800 reviews on the store

Well, the store reached 800 reviews. I enjoy it when someone leaves feedback. Crazy how much this store has developed in just one and a half years of operation.