The Store finally completely updated


It has been a really fun project, but all fun things eventually come to an end. Updating the store has been completed. All of the listings on The Store have gotten totally overhauled visually. In the process I also went through and did some updates to the Analytics for the site as well to help boost traffic. And I have to say, I am already seeing a difference.

Here are how some of the photos turned out.

The friend of mine that was very happy to help in this endeavor was my friend from church Mercedes Morgan. She is a professional photographer here in Austin. She does special events, family portraits, weddings, and the like. I definitely recommend checking out some of her stuff. Her skills with the camera are very clean and I am thinking my family will be hitting her up sooner than later for some family photos for the dining room.


Updating the store and my music page


I have been busy updating the store on Etsy. Although I still have a lot to update for each listing on the store, I am a lot closer to finished than if I had just started. I am really happy with how the photos turned out. A friend of mine from church helped me on that front.

As for the music…

I spent this morning updating the music section of my website. Rather than just having a hyper link in the navigation bar that sent you to an entirely separate site, I have integrated all of the music from my tour days into the site with the use of bandcamp embedded HTML.

Only three more to go


I just wanted to post a quick notice, pointing out that the Etsy Store is only 3 followers shy of reaching 2,000. With that, I just wanted to mention to everyone that reads my blog, if you haven’t already… please go check out the store and give it a follow. I think it would be epic if we hit the 2,000 mark this weekend with your help.

In order to become a store follower all you need to do is “favorite” the shop!

Store Update in the mix

iss_fullxfull.15012351_k96u42w8Well, today the etsy store hit 4,000 sales. That’s pretty good if you ask me… considering the fact that I am just doing it as a hobby. Every time the store hits a big event number like that, these promo images get posted to those people that have chosen to follow the store. With this milestone in mind, I am also only one review away from reaching 900 reviews. For that one, I am going to be posting one in celebration of the “900 reviews mark” of Jesus causing a ruckus.

I looks like so…


The next major milestone that still might take a little bit of time would be reaching a total of 2,000 store followers. These followers are the people that think the store is worth receiving updates about. So, when the store adds new items or posts an update like the above milestones, they will get notifications. I am only about 20 followers away from reaching that next goal. It might take a little while though, because that is a slow moving number compared to the other two.

Regardless, the store is thriving even though it is just a casual hobby.

The next major update is going to be updating the listings with new and improved photos. See the following post I did last week for a sneak peek at what these new photos are going to look like. They are much cooler and cleaner looking than what I currently have posted on the store.

A Sneak Peek at what is happening

Although I have decided to not do an update on the store until all of the photos for every listing are complete, I wanted to write a quick post letting everyone know what is coming up.

A sneak peek… if it were.


One of my friends from church is an epic photographer. With that, I have outsourced to her with the need for updating the photos for the listings on the Etsy Store. This is what she has sent thus far. These are clean, crisp, and eye catching. I am excited to get the store totally updated. Once the photo shoot is complete the store will be getting an entirely new visual overhaul with her help.

With that, be on the look out. Because, soon the store is going to be looking jam-slam. And until then… this is the only sneak peek you will be getting. The next time I post about this, it will be because the store has been totally updated with new and improved professional photography.

Happy New Year post about life and Etsy

Well, with 2017 coming to a close I figured I should write a little something about the year gone and to come. 2017 for me has been pretty crazy. I have been all over the place with finishing school, transitioning between new jobs, ramping up the Etsy Store, becoming a foster parent, and more. Honestly, as hectic as I could make it all seem… I have to admit, 2017 has actually been a rather low-key year for me. I feel like I got a lot done. But, I can also easily say that I feel like I did a lot of time wasting, sitting around, and procrastination as well.

Now, rather than getting into all of that resulting in a lengthy blog post that is likely to not get many reads… I thought I would touch on what to expect in the coming year for my Etsy Store.


2017 was a big year for the store. I added a lot of new items, changed the look and feel of the store a few times, worked a little on analytics, and more. For 2018 however, I have decided to take the store a little more slowly. I am going to spend the new year focused on my existing listings rather than cranking out new items every month. A few of the ways that I plan to do this will be to update the visual aesthetics with professional photos for each listing. Rather than my dinky phone camera and the dining room light I have a friend that does photography for a living stepping in to ramp up that aspect of the store. The other thing I will be spending more time on with it would be analytics and promotion. I haven’t done much in the way of analytics this year. But, what little bit I have done has shown drastic improvement to the store traffic.

So, I plan to spend more time on that along with upgrading the visual portions of the store. No telling how 2018 will look for the Etsy store, but one thing is certain… I am going to slow down and spend more time on quality rather than quantity. Over the course of 2018 I plan to design a lot of new items without releasing them. Then, at the end of the year… pick the best of the best to release in 2019 (assuming I am still running the store at that time).

Who knows… anything could happen. Just watch the news.