My name is Pat.

I am a Christian who falls short every single day, but by the grace of God through Jesus Christ have been redeemed. I live in Central Texas. I am in the process of attempting to pass the National Boards so that I can become an embalmer/coroners assistant. I am a pescetarian. During my mid to late twenties I did my best to pretend to be a graphic designer in order to make extra gas money while on the road as a nationally touring singer songwriter. Somehow, in some way, gas money was made every week while I traveled around creating shirts, album covers, and websites for other bands. I learned a lot about how to not create art during those days. Even though I am not scraping for gas money to get to my next show anymore, I still have that itch to pretend and create for myself. Currently my creative itch has led me to operating an Etsy Store designing and selling patches.

I still do freelance graphic design occasionally for church and other friends that run publishing companies, shirt printing companies, and bands I still have managed to keep in touch with over the years who are still out there doing their thing.

Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to either chat music, physics and the absurdity of space exploration, patches, or even design work: thecriesof [ at ] gamil [ dot ] com.

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