How do the Astronauts fake 0G in the ISS

One thing that people continue to ask me is, if the ISS is fake, then how do they float around up there? You can’t fake Zero Gravity! Well, actually you can. Here are a few videos that explain how this is possible. First off, let’s start by sharing the idea that everything is magnetic, especially water. And guess what… we humans are nearly 80% water. Go figure.

Here is the Frog!!!

With that said, here is another, more logical look at how they fake Zero Gravity on the International Fake Station. It’s called the Vomit Commit, owned and operated by guess who… NASA. It is an airplane that simulates weightlessness.

Let’s not forget the green screens and wires.

But hey, who am I kidding… they really are up there spending 60 Million Dollars a day of our money. What do I know, right? I am just ignorant.

So, here is the last one. The top ten reasons not to believe any of this nonesense. ISS = international scam station. 


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